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unleashing & upskilling
untapped genius

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ABOUT Brilliance lab

For far too long, brilliant Black and Brown people have been locked out of the opportunity to use their might and genius to solve society's economic and social challenges.

Winston-salem state university is going to change that. 


Our Lab believes that Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs) are brimming with untapped genius.

Our Lab believes that unleashing the brilliance of our students, alumni, and inclusive entrepreneurs at Winston-Salem State University, the Southeast, and around the world is the most equitable approach to solving the wealth and opportunity gap for our nation.


Our Lab supports entrepreneurial endeavors that fundamentally elevate the human condition

in order to make the world a better place. 

Our Lab supports research and education at the Southeast's premier HBCU by optimizing resources to support economic security, campus innovations, and commercialization efforts in our Winston-Salem Community. 

Brilliance Lab is located on campus at Winston-Salem State University and across Winston-Salem ecosystem partner sites and on our digital platform, the Brilliance Network. The Lab is designed to promote economic mobility, promising businesses, and venture-backed start-ups to establish Winston-Salem as National Entrepreneurship Ecosystem.

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Our mission

To accelerate campus and

market-based innovations to close

the black and brown wealth gap.

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OFferings for students, Staff, alumni, and the community

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Brilliance Lab

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Brilliance Network

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Brilliance Fund

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Dr. Elwood Robinson
Senior Advisor  

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David morris
Fund Advisor 

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Bryan SEtser
Executive in Residence

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Al Motley
Technology Partner

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Juliette Griggs
Chief of Staff and Partners

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morgan Draughon
Executive Assistant


Brilliance fund

Mainstreet philanthropy for inclusive and aspiring businesses.

Pre-seed and Seed funds for venture-backed

start-ups that change the world.

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